Handai Multi-Functional Nanofoundry


"MEXT#1 Nanotechnology Network project" was started on April 2007 in order to provide the latest user facilities and create industrial innovations. The institute of scientific and industrial research (ISIR) and research center for ultra-high voltage electron microscopy (UHVEM) participated in the MEXT project, and "Handai multi-functional nanofoundry" was established in Osaka university. We totally support domestic nanotech researchers by providing three fields/functions; (1) Molecular & material fabrications, (2) Nanofabrication, (3) Characterization & analysis. The Handai multi-functional nanofoundry contributes to creations of novel nano-materials and nano-devices though the supports concerning combinations of various materials such as metal, oxide, organic and bio, or different research fields. We also cooperate with regional companies/universities on the project, and bring up future nanotech key persons. The Handai multi-functional nanofoundry will play the role of a center of regional industrial innovation. Our targets are as follows; (1) Material developments for innovative industrial creation (2) Advanced electronics for creation of next-generation device (3) Ultramodern nanobio/medical technique for realization of super early diagnosis (4) Innovative R&D for turning nanotechnology to practical use (5) Advanced nanoscale measurement/process technique.


#1)The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

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  1. Molecular & material fabrications using lasermolecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system etc. (ISIR)
  2. Nanofabrication using electron beam (EB)
  3. lithography system etc. (ISIR)
  4. Characterization & analysis using ultra-high voltage electron microscope etc. (UHVEM)

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