The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University




The aim of ISIR is to study top-level basic sciences and apply the results to industry. Especially, based on the three major research fields, material science, information science and biological science, we aim to develop multidisciplinary research useful for creation of new industries. We take a leadership especially in the nanoscience and nanotechnology research field. We also contribute to the education and research training of the graduate students and post-doctoral researchers through multidisciplinary lecture course and on-the-research training. We play a major role for the development of nanoscience in Osaka University through the establishment of the Nanoscience Techno-Core. We establish the Collaboration Network between five national university’s institutes (ISIR in Osaka Univ., IMRAM (Tagen-ken) in Tohoku Univ., RIES (Denshi-ken) in Hokkaido Univ., CRL (Shigen-ken) in Tokyo Institute of Technology, and IMCE (Sendo-ken) in Kyushu Univ.) and play a leading role in the network. We promote the international collaboration by the new International Collaborative Research Center including Alliance Laboratories from the foreign research organizations. We construct the Nanotechnology Incubation Research Building for advanced academia-industry collaboration.