The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University




  • 1958(Sakai)
  • The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR) was founded in 1939, as a part of Osaka University, based on the strong desire of the business leaders of private enterprises in Kansai area. The purpose of the Institute is to study science necessary for industry and their applications. Since then, the institute has been developed into one of the leading research organizations for science and engineering in Japan.

    In 1939, ISIR had only 3 departments. Until the end of 1980’s it increased research areas and laboratories in the fields of electronic engineering, computer science, metallurgy and inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry biochemistry and beam science.

    ISIR was restructured in 1995 to an Institute composed of 6 divisions with 24 departments for the purpose of promoting sciences on materials, information and biology. From 2002 to 2006, we were awarded the 21 Century COE Program MEXT(the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

    In 2002, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center was founded after restructuring Research Center for Intermaterials and Radiation Laboratory. The new Center focused its research on nanomaterials and devices, beam science for nanotechnology and industrial nanotechnology. In 2003, the Center Building was constructed. In the new Center Building, Nanotechnology Process Foundry was opened for supporting the nationwide research in the nanotechnology.

    From 2006 to 2009, Materials Science & Technology Research Center for Industrial Creation was promoted in collaboration with IMRAM (Tohoku Univ). In 2007, it was expanded to the Post-Silicon Materials and Devices Research Alliance including RIES (Hokkaido Univ) and CRL (Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT)).

    In 2006, Academia Industry Relation Office (AIR-Office) was settled in order to strengthen cooperation between the institute and industries. In 2008, Division of Special Projects was founded for promotion of research of young faculties.

    In 2009, we carried out a significant restructuring in order to develop the novel interdisciplinary research fields and to strengthen the nanotechnology research field : a reformation into 3 divisions (Division of Information and Quantum Sciences, Division of Material and Beam Sciences, and Division of Biological and Molecular Sciences) and an expansion of the Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center to include 6 laboratories.

    In 2010, in order to establish a core for academia-industry collaboration and open innovation, we constructed the SANKEN Incubation Building. This building contains on-campus rental laboratory space (Company Research Park) for private corporations.

    In 2010, the Network Joint Research Center for Materials and Devices including ISIR (Osaka Univ.), RIES (Hokkaido Univ.), IMRAM (Tohoku Univ.), CRL (TIT) and IMCE (Kyusyu Univ.) was started under the authorization by MEXT. There is no precedent for such a large network of university institutes in Japan and it is greatly expected to promote the interdisciplinary collaboration in the fields of materials and devices science. In 2016, Dynamic Alliance for Open Innovation Bridging Human, Environment and Materials was established and ISIR is the headquarters of this nation-wide 5 institutes network

    In 2011, we concluded a research-collaboration agreement with Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum vzw (imec), one of the world’s largest nanotechnology research institute and “imec office” was opened at ISIR. Furthermore, we established “ISIR imec center” in imec of Belgium to promote the global cooperation network in 2017

    In FY2013, Osaka University has been selected as one of the core universities of the MEXT program, “Center of Innovation Scinece and Technology based Radical Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (COI STREAM)”, and ISIR will play a centeral role of the Osaka Univ.

    ISIR will further develop multidisciplinary researches and academia-industry collaborations as a core of the nationwide collaborations network of university institutes.

Former Directors

Nov. 30, 1939 – Feb. 26, 1943
Ichitaro NAMARI
Feb. 27, 1943 – Mar. 30, 1944
Takeo AO
Mar. 6, 1946 – Nov.29, 1949
Nov. 30, 1946 – Nov. 29, 1951
Kinjiro OKABE
Nov. 30, 1951 – Nov. 29, 1955
Nov. 30, 1955 – Nov. 29, 1959
Nov. 30, 1959 – Nov. 29, 1961
Tsunesaburo ASADA
Nov. 30, 1961 – Nov. 29, 1963
Nov. 30, 1963 – Nov. 29, 1967
Yasuhide YUKAWA
Nov. 30, 1967 – Jul. 31, 1969
Aug. 1, 1969 – Jul. 31, 1973
Yasuhide YUKAWA
Aug. 1, 1973 – Jul. 31, 1975
Aug. 1, 1975 – Jul. 31, 1979
Aug. 1, 1979 – Jul. 31, 1983
Aug. 1, 1983 – Jul. 31, 1987
Aug. 1, 1987 – Jul. 31, 1989
Toshio FUKUI
Aug. 1, 1989 – Jul. 31, 1993
Aug. 1, 1993 – Jul. 31, 1995
Toichi OKADA
Aug. 1, 1995 – Jul. 31, 1997
Shun-ichi GONDA
Aug. 1, 1997 – Jul. 31, 1999
Yoshiteru SAKATA
Aug. 1, 1999 – Jul. 31, 2001
Masamitsu FUTAI
Aug. 1, 2001 – Mar. 31, 2004
Tomoji KAWAI
Apr. 1, 2004 – Mar. 31, 2008
Apr. 1, 2008 – Mar. 31, 2012
Yasushi YAGI
Apr. 1, 2012 –

Professors Emeriti

Dr. Shogo Nakamura
Surface physics, 1988
Information science, 1989
Dr. Soichi MISUMI
Organic chemistry, 1990
Dr. Terukiyo HANAHUSA
Organic chemistry, 1991
Dr. Ken-ichi SHIMIZU
Metal physics, 1992
Dr. Toshio FUKUI
Biochemistry, 1995
Dr. Toichi OKADA
Organic materials, 1996
Dr. Shun-ichi GONDA
Electronic materials, 2000
Semiconductor physics, 2002
Dr. Yoshiteru SAKATA
Organic chemistry, 2002
Dr. Tadahiro KITAHASHI
Information science and engineering, 2002
Dr. Jun-ichi TOYODA
Information science and engineering, 2002
Dr. Ikuo UEDA
Organic fine chemicals, 2003
Dr. Masamitsu FUTAI
Molecular and cellular bioenergetics, 2004
Dr. Shigetoshi TAKAHASHI
Organometallic chemistry, 2004
Dr. Koichi NIIHARA
Nanocomposite Technology, 2005
Dr. Hiroshi MOTODA
Artificial Intelligence, 2006
Dr. Hiroshi IWASAKI
Surface Science, 2008
Dr. Yoshihiko HIROTSU
Electron Microscope Analysis of Materials, 2008
Dr. Seiichi TAGAWA
Radiation Chemistry and Beam Technology, 2009
Dr. Tomoji KAWAI
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, 2010
Dr. Hajime ASAHI
Electronic Materials, 2012
Metallic Materials Process, 2012
Dr. Riichiro MIZOGUCHI
Artificial Intelligence, 2012
Membrane Structural Biology, 2013
Dr. Katsuyuki TANIZAWA
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2013
Dr. Katsumi TANIMURA
Solid State Physics, 2015
Accelerator and Beam Science and Technology, 2016