The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University



Last modified July. 2, 2019

Prof. K. SUGANUMA / suganuma@
Vice Director (Director of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center)
Prof. S. OGUCHI / oguchi@
Vice Director
Prof. T. KOZAWA / kozawa@
Vice Director
Prof. S. KURODA / skuroda@
Vice Director
Prof. A. OIWA / oiwa@
Advisor to the Director
Prof. T. SEKINO / sekino@
Division of Information and Quantum Sciences
Department of Quantum System Electronics
A.OIWA Prof. / oiwa@
S.HASEGAWA Assoc. Prof. / hasegawa@
H.KIYAMA Assis. Prof. / kiyama@
T.FUJITA Assis. Prof. / fujita@
/ watanabe_a@
Department of Interface Quantum Science
D.CHIBA Prof. / dchiba@
K.INOUE Assoc. Prof. / inoue-k@
Y.KANAI Assis. Prof. / kanai@
T.ONO Assis. Prof. / t-ono@
T. KOYAMA Assis. Prof. /
T. KANEKO / t.kaneko@
Department of Advanced Electron Devices
T.SEKITANI Prof. / sekitani@
K.SUDOH Assoc. Prof. / sudoh@
T.ARAKI Assoc. Prof. / araki@
T.UEMURA Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. / uemura-t@
S. NEDU / nezu@
Department of Intelligent Media
Y.YAGI Prof. / yagi@
Y.MAKIHARA Prof. (iacs) / makihara@
D.MURAMATSU Assoc. Prof. / muramatsu@
F.OKURA Assis. Prof. / okura@
K. AOKI Specially Appointed Assoc. /
AHAD MD ATIQUR RAHMAN Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. /
Trung Thanh Ngo Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / trung@
Department of Reasoning for Intelligence
T.WASHIO Prof. / washio@
S.HARA Assis. Prof. / satohara@
HOLLAND MATTHEW JAMES Assis. Prof. / matthew-h@
H. OKADA / okada@
A. FUJIWARA / fujiwara-aya@
Department of Knowledge Science
K.KOMATANI Prof. / komatani@
R.TAKEDA Assis. Prof. / rtakeda@
Department of Architecture for Intelligence
M.NUMAO Prof. /
K.FUKUI Assoc. Prof. /
T. KIMURA Assis. Prof. /
Division of Advanced Materials and Beam Science
Department of Functionalized Natural Materials
M.NOGI Prof. / nogi@
H.Koga Assoc. Prof. / hkoga@
K.Uetani Assis. Prof. / uetani@
H. YAGYU / yagyu@
Department of Semiconductor Materials and Processes
H.KOBAYASHI Prof. / h.kobayashi@
T.MATSUMOTO Assoc. Prof. / tmatsumo@
S.YAMAGUCHI Assis. Prof. / shunro@
Y. KOBAYASHI / koba42@
S. TERAKAWA Specially Appointed Prof. / tera42@
C. KURODA / chika@
Department of Advanced Hard Materials
T.SEKINO Prof. / sekino@
M.TANE Assoc. Prof. / mtane@
T.GOTO Assis. Prof. / goto@
S.CHO Assis. Prof. / shcho@
S.Shengfang Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
N. NISHIDA / hnishida@
H. HASHIMOTO / hashimoto@
Department of Advanced Interconnection Materials
K.SUGANUMA Prof. / suganuma@
S.NAGAO Assoc. Prof. / shijo.nagao@
T.SUGAHARA Assoc. Prof. / sugahara@
C.CHEN Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / chenchuantong@
A.YUSUFU Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
K. KIMOTO / kimoto@
A. SUETAKE / asuetake@
A. SHIMOYAMA / shimoyama@
T. TAKAHASHI / t.takahashi@
M. KAGAMI / nkagami@
Department of Excited Solid-State Dynamics
S.TANAKA Assoc. Prof. / stanaka@
Department of Quantum Beam Physics
T.HOSOKAI Prof. / hosokai@
Z. JIN Assoc. Prof. / jin@
A.IRIZAWA Assis. Prof. / irizawa@
ZHIDKOV ALEXEY Specially Appointed Prof. / zhidkov@
Y. SAKAI Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / y.sakai@
PATHAK NAVEEN CHANDRA Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / naveenpathak@
Department of Beam Materials Science
T.KOZAWA Prof. / kozawa@
Y.MUROYA Assoc. Prof. / muroya@
K.OKAMOTO Assis. Prof. /
K.KOBAYASHI Specially Appointed Prof. / kobayasi@
A.NAKAJIMA Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
Division of Biological and Molecular Sciences
Department of Material Excitation Chemistry
M.FUJITSUKA Assoc. Prof. / fuji@
K.KAWAI Assoc. Prof. / kiyohiko@
Y.OSAKADA Assoc. Prof.(iacs) / yosakada@
Department of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
H.SASAI Prof. / sasai@
S.TAKIZAWA Assoc. Prof. / taki@
M.SAKO Assis. Prof. / sako43@
T.KONDO Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / mkondo@
A. HONDA / aaaaaya.h@
Department of Regulatory Bioorganic Chemistry
K.NAKATANI Prof. / nakatani@
C.DOHNO Assoc. Prof. / cdohno@
A.MURATA Assis. Prof. / amulata@
T.SHIBATA Assis. Prof. / shibata@
T.YAMADA Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / tyamada@
DAS BIMOLENDU / bimudas@
Department of Complex Molecular Chemistry
T. SUZUKI Prof. / tkyssuzuki@
H. NITTA / nitta@
Y. MIYAKE Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
T. KUROHARA Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / t.kurohara@
Department of Biomolecular Science and Reaction
S.KURODA Prof. / skuroda@
T.OKAJIMA Assoc. Prof. / tokajima@
Y.WADA Assoc. Prof. / yohwada@
K.TATEMATSU Assis. Prof. / kenji44@
M.SOMIYA Assis. Prof. / msomiya@
K. OKAMOTO Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. / k2oka@
M. MURAI / m.murai@
Department of Biomolecular Science and Regulation
K.NISHINO Prof. / nishino@
T.NISHI Assoc. Prof. / tnishi@
S.YAMASAKI Assis. Prof. / seiji37@
M.NISHINO Assis. Prof. / mnishino@
ZWAMA MARTIJN Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
A. NISHI / snishi37@
A. FUKUSHIMA / fukushim@
Department of Biomolecular Science and Engineering
T.NAGAI Prof. / ng1@
T.MATSUDA Assoc. Prof. / tmatsuda@
M.HATTORI Assis. Prof. / 8tr@
K.OSABE Assis. Prof. / o3b@
T. WAZAWA Specially Appointed Assos. Prof. / wz8@
T.ENTANI Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / te2@
LU KAI / ka1@
T. KADOMAE / tk4@
T. KAKU / tm3@
K. SUGIURA / n0r@
K. SAKAI / sakai@, ng1-secretary@
A. SAKAI / ng1-secretary@
Y. MORIMOTO / ng1-secretary@
H. INOUE / inoue-h@
Y. IKEGAMI / yk5@
/ wt7@
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center
Department of Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices
Hide.TANAKA Prof. / h-tanaka@
T.KANKI Assoc. Prof. / kanki@
M.YAMAMOTO Assis. Prof. / mahito.yamamoto@
RAKUSHIT. RUPALI Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
T. OKUMOTO / okumoto@
Department of Advanced Nanofabrication
Y.YOSHIDA Prof. / yoshida@
J.YANG Assoc. Prof. / yang@
K.KAN Assis. Prof. / koichi81@
Y. SHIBATA Visiting Assoc. Prof. / shibadanuki@
M. GODO Assis. Prof / mgohdo@
Department of Nanocharacterization for Nanostructures and Functions
H. YOSHIDA Assoc. Prof. / h-yoshida@
N. KAMIUCHI Assis. Prof. / kamiuchi@
R. ASO Assis. Prof. / r-aso@
Department of Theoretical Nanotechnology
T.OGUCHI Prof. / oguchi@
K.SHIRAI Assoc. Prof. / koun@
K.YAMAUCHI Assis. Prof. / kunihiko@
H.MOMIDA Assis. Prof. / momida@
Department of Soft Nanomaterials
Y.IE Prof. / yutakaie@
S. JINNAI Assis. Prof. / jinnai@
Y. FUJIKI / fujiki@
Department of Bio-Nanotechnology
M.TANIGUCHI Prof. / taniguti@
M.TSUTSUI Assoc. Prof. / tsutsui@
H.TANAKA Assis. Prof. / hrtanaka@
Y.KOMOTO Assis. Prof. / komoto@
Y. EZAKI / esaki@
S. MURAYAMA / murayama@
H. DEGUCHI / deguchi@
Y. KUBO / kubo@
Y. TSUMOTO / tsumoto@
Department of Nanotechnology for Environmental and Energy Applications
Department of Nano-Intelligent Systems
Department of Nanodevices for Medical Applications
Department of Nanosystem Design
Department of Nanodevice Characterization
Department of Nanotechnology for Industrial Applications
Department of Simulation for Nanotechnology
Department of Nanoelectronics
Department of Nano-Function Characterization
Department of Nano-Medicine
Department of Nano-Biology
Department of Nano Information Technology
Nanofabrication Shop
H. TANAKA Director Prof. / h-tanaka@
Advanced Nanotechnology Instrument Laboratory
H. TANAKA Director Prof. / h-tanaka@
M. SAKUMA / sakuma@
Nanotechnology Open Facilities
A. KITAJIMA Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / kitajima@
K. NORIZAWA Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / norizawa@
K. KONDA / konda@
Y. MAEGAWA / maegawa@
Division of Next Industry Generation
Department of New Industry Generation Systems
Department of Intellectual Property Research
/ shimizu@
/ kimura-y@
/ hisaaki@
Division of Special Projects
Department of Three-Dimensional Nanostructure Science
A.HATTORI Assoc. Prof. / a-hattori@
A. OSAKA Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
Division of Yushiro Chemical Industry Polymer Gel joint Research
A. HARADA Specially Appointed Prof. / harada@
Division of SCREEN Single-Molecule Analysis
T. OSHIRO Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. / toshiro@
Division of Nano-Lithography Research
T. ITANI Specially Appointed Prof. /
SATILLAN JULIUS JOSEPH SUDLAY Specially Appointed Assoc. Prof. /
Comprehensive Analysis Center
T. KOZAWA Director Prof. / kozawa@
T. SUZUKI Assoc. Prof. / suzuki-t@
D. ZHOU Assis. Prof. / zhou@
K. ASANO Assis. Prof. / asano@
Research Laboratory for Quantum Beam Science
Y. YOSHIDA Director Prof. / yoshida@
Y. HONDA Assoc. Prof. / honda@
S. TOJO Assis. Prof. / tojo@
G. ISOYAMA Specially Appointed Prof. / isoyama@
A. TOKUCHI / tokuchi@
N. FUJITA / fujita_n@
Center for Collaborative Research Education and Training
A.OIWA Director Prof. / oiwa@
International Collaborative Research Center
T.OGUCHI Director Prof. / oguchi@
Artificial Intelligence Research Center
S.KURODA Director Prof. / skuroda@
S. SATO Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
Y. NODA Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. / noda@
A. ASAI Specially Appointed Assis. Prof. /
Department of Translational Datability
Y. SAKURAI Prof. / yasushi@
Y. MATSUBARA Assoc. Prof /
K.IMAMURA Assis. Prof. / k.imamura@
Service Facilities
H.KOBAYASHI Director Prof. / h.kobayashi@
Laboratory for Radio-isotope Experiments
Anechoic Laboratory
K.KOMATANI Director Prof. / komatani@
K.NISHINO Director Prof. / nishino@
M. KOMURA / komura@
Office of Information Network
A.OIWA Director Prof. / oiwa@
Academia Industry Relations Office
S.KURODA Director Prof. / skuroda@
Public Relations Office
A.OIWA Director Prof. / oiwa@
A. ITO / ito_a@
Planning Office
T. MASUDA Sub Director /
Facilities Management Office
T. KOZAWA Director Prof. / kozawa@
K. OHASHI / ohhashi@
Technical Division
M. OHNISHI Director / ohnishi@
H. MATSUKAWA / matukawa@
Group of Machine
S. AIHARA / aihara@
Section of Machine/Circuit
H. HANEOKA / haneoka@
Y. MATSUSHITA / matsushita@
Section of Glass
S. SAKAKIHARA / shouichi@
Group of Measurement
M. OHNISHI / ohnishi@
Section of Measurement/Information
Y. OKUMURA / okumura@
K. FURUKAWA / furukawa@
Y. OKADA / y-okada@
Section pf Analysis/Data
T. MATSUZAKI / matuzaki@
Y. MURAKAMI / murakami@
T. TAKEHARA / takehara@