SANKEN, Osaka University



Last modified April. 1, 2020

Vice Director
Prof. T. NAGAI
Vice Director
Vice Director
Vice Director (Director of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center)
Advisor to the Director
Division of Information and Quantum Sciences
Department of Quantum System Electronics
Department of Interface Quantum Science
Department of Advanced Electron Devices
Department of Intelligent Media
Department of Reasoning for Intelligence
Department of Knowledge Science
Department of Architecture for Intelligence
Division of Advanced Materials and Beam Science
Department of Functionalized Natural Materials
Department of Semiconductor Materials and Processes
Department of Advanced Hard Materials
Department of Energy and Environmental Materials
Department of Excited Solid-State Dynamics
Department of Quantum Beam Physics
Department of Beam Materials Science
Division of Biological and Molecular Sciences
Department of Material Excitation Chemistry
Department of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Department of Regulatory Bioorganic Chemistry
Department of Complex Molecular Chemistry
Department of Biomolecular Science and Reaction
Department of Biomolecular Science and Regulation
Department of Biomolecular Science and Engineering
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Center
Department of Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices
Department of Advanced Nanofabrication
Department of Nanocharacterization for Nanostructures and Functions
Department of Theoretical Nanotechnology
Department of Soft Nanomaterials
Department of Bio-Nanotechnology
Department of Nanotechnology for Environmental and Energy Applications
Department of Nano-Intelligent Systems
Department of Nanodevices for Medical Applications
Department of Nanosystem Design
Department of Nanodevice Characterization
Department of Nanotechnology for Industrial Applications
Department of Simulation for Nanotechnology
Department of Nanoelectronics
Department of Nano-Function Characterization
Department of Nano-Medicine
Department of Nano-Biology
Department of Nano Information Technology
Nanofabrication Shop
Advanced Nanotechnology Instrument Laboratory
Nanotechnology Open Facilities
Artificial Intelligence Research Center
Department of Translational Datability
Department of AI Introduction to Information and Quantum Sciences
Department of AI Introduction to Advanced Materials and Beam Science
Department of AI Introduction to Biological and Molecular Sciences
Department of AI Introduction to Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Division of Next Industry Generation
Department of New Industry Generation Systems
Department of Intellectual Property Research
Division of Special Projects
Department of Three-Dimensional Nanostructure Science
Department of Advanced Materials and Implementations
Joint Research Division・Research Alliance Laboratories
Laboratory of flexible and power three dimensional system integration
KOBELCO Future Pioneering Co-Creation Research Center
Endowed Chair
Division of Material Science of Si-based Agent
Comprehensive Analysis Center
Research Laboratory for Quantum Beam Science
Center for Collaborative Research Education and Training
Support office for the Network Joint Research Center
International Collaborative Research Center
Service Facilities
Laboratory for Radio-isotope Experiments
Anechoic Laboratory
Office of Information Network
Public Relations Office
Facilities Management Office
The SANKEN Strategy Office
Technical Division
Fabrication Group
Machining Section
Device Development Section
Measurement Group
Instrumental Analysis Section
Information Network System and Public Relations Section