The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University


Division of Advanced Materials and Beam Science


This division is composed of seven departments with the following research fields: Functionalized Natural Materials, Advanced Interconnection Materials, Semiconductor Materials and Processes, Advanced Hard Materials, Excited Solid-State Dynamics, Beam Materials Science, and Accelerator Science. We aim to generate novel and new highly functional materials, which provide basis of rapid future developments in several important fields of information, energy, environmental and medical technologies. Emphasis is placed both on establishment of deep and full understanding of fundamental mechanisms of the functions and on evolutional progress of material processing, including hybridizing different kinds of materials which are well designed and controlled with respect to their structures, dimensions, and physical and chemical properties. We also aim to develop new sources of quantum beams with high brightness and high quality, and use the quantum beams in a new field of beam-induced materials science. In addition to the collaboration among the departments of ISIR, we promote the collaborative research on materials and devices with public and private universities, research institutions and enterprises as a collaborative Kansai regional hub as well as international cooperation.