SANKEN, Osaka University


Division of Advanced Materials and Beam Science

Department of Excited Solid-State Dynamics


  • Assoc. Prof.

Content of research

The final goal of our study is the creation of the new functional material via electronic excitation in solids that cannot be achieved by means of the conventional thermal and chemical processes. For this purpose, we elucidate the fundamentals of underlying physics concerning the excitation-induced processes. In particular, elemental processes of the many-body interactions following the electronic excitation are investigated by means of several highly-developed spectroscopies; e.g., angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy with synchrotron-radiation and high-resolution electron energy-loss spectroscopy.

Current Research Programs

  • 1. Phonon related condensed-matter physics,
    2. Electron-phonon interaction,
    3. Detailed properties of the electronic excited state
    4. Phonon dynamics and electron-phonon interaction,
    in solids and on solid surfaces by using the cutting-edge electron spectroscopies.

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