SANKEN, Osaka University


Division of Biological and Molecular Sciences


 The Molecular Science Group of this division is composed of seven departments; Dept. of Molecular Excitation Chemistry, Dept. of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Dept. of Regulatory Bioorganic Chemistry, and Dept. of Complex Molecular Chemistry, Dept. of Biomelecular Science and Reaction, Dept. of Biomolecular Sceince and Regulation, Dept of Biomolecular Scinece and Engineering. The research field of the Molecular Science Group covers organic chemistry, physical chemistry,catalytic chemistry, surface chemistry, beam-induced chemistry, materials chemistry, biofunctional molecular chemistry, and chemical biology. The division also has a Biological Science Group, which is composed of three departments; Dept. of Structural Molecular Biology, Dept. of Cell Membrane Biology, and Dept. of Biomolecular Science and Engineering. These departments are engaged in research in various fields of biological science including molecular enzymology, signal transduction, energy transformation, membrane transport, energy transport, and the mechanism of gene expression.

Within each department, own research topics are ongoing. Joint projects involving several departments are also underway.