Important Notification:
The utilization program of the microscopy facility at BNPC has ended as of April 1st 2016, beause of the end of the Scientific Research on Innovative Area "Spying Minority in Biology". We are pleased to express our sincere gratitude to the users as well as all of the collaborating companies.

What is BNPC?

Bionanophotonics Consortium (BNPC) of MEXT Scientific Research on Innovative Area "Spying Minority in Biological Phenomena" has been launched since October 2012 in cooperation with many enthusiastic companies. BNPC aims to appreciably promote and extend the area of "Spying Minority in Biological Phenomena", which originated in Japan, by providing facilities which is essential to both academic and non-academic researchers of bionanophotonics. BNPC also aims to innovate pioneering technologies for bionanophotonics through industry-academia partnerships. BNPC welcomes researchers not just who wish to use facilities at BNPC but also who wish to exchange ideas and information on bionanophotonics. For more information, please see Equipment and Contact us.