Important Notification:
The utilization program of the microscopy facility at BNPC has ended as of April 1st 2016, beause of the end of the Scientific Research on Innovative Area "Spying Minority in Biology". We are pleased to express our sincere gratitude to the users as well as all of the collaborating companies.


Station-1:High-Speed Spectroscopic Confocal Microscope

station1Inverted microscope Ti-E with High-speed confocal system A1R (Nikon)
This is a Nikon A1 laser confocal microscope system. This system, which includes a high-speed scanner, enables to record images at ultra-high frame rates, and also provides photostimulation at 405 nm, which can be run simultaneously with fluorescence imaging. In addition, a Stage-Top CO2 incubator (Tokai Hit) is available so that cells can be observed in culturing conditions.

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Station-2:Super-Resolution Microscope, N-SIM


This is a super-resolution microscope, Nikon N-SIM. This microscope uses a structured illumination that leads to a better resolution (~110 nm) than the diffraction limit. This N-SIM is useful for time-lapse imaging of cellular fine structures.

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Station-3:Multi-Color Multifocal Confocal Microscope

This station provides confocal microscopy using a Yokogawa's Nipow Disk CSU optics as well as conventional epi-fluorescence microscopy. This station includes:

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Station-4:Total Internal Relfection Microscope

Station 4 is a total internal reflection fluorescence microscope (TIRFM) system. TIRFM uses evanescent field as the fluorescence excitation illumination so that the penetration depth of the illumination is limited upto approx 100 nm and thereby the background noise can be drastically reduced. This station is suitable for single-molecule imaging and other applications that have difficulties due to high background noise. This station includes:

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Station-5:Fluorescence Microscope

Station 5 is an epi-fluorescence microscope. This is intended to be a versatile microscope that is open to installing various options and devices when they are needed.
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Station-6:In vivo Macro Imaging System Lumazone

station6Lumazone CMS (Nippon Roper)
Station 6 is a system for macroscopic imaging of bioluminascence, e.g. imaging a whole living body or organisms expressing luminescence proteins on plates.

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station7ILUMINOVIEW LV200 (Olympus)
Station 6 is a bioluminescence imaging system that is useful especially for imaging cells or colonies expressing luminescence proteins on plates. For cell imaging, this station provides Stage-Top CO2 incubator (Tokai Hit).

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Optical Filters


At BNPC, various optical filters are available for microscopes.
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Computers for image analysis

Image Analysis Two computers are provided for image analysis. For this purpose, users at BNPC can use Metamorph software (Molecular Devices) on the computers. In addition, PrizMage software (Molecular Devices) is also available to correct the crosstalk fluorescence among several fluorophores.

Cell Culture Room

BNPC provides a cell culture room. The equipment includes a CO2 incubator, clean bench, refrigerator, freezer, and inverted microscope. If you need long-term use of the room, please contact us in advance.