Important Notification:
The utilization program of the microscopy facility at BNPC has ended as of April 1st 2016, beause of the end of the Scientific Research on Innovative Area "Spying Minority in Biology". We are pleased to express our sincere gratitude to the users as well as all of the collaborating companies.

About us

BNPC was established to promote and extend the novel research area of "Spying Minority in Biological Phenomena". BNPC involves collaboration of companies of (alphabetical order):

Through the collaboration with these companies, BNPC aims to promote and expand the novel research area of "Spying Minority in Biological Phenomena". Specifically, acitivities of BNPC include things like:

  • Hub for discussion of "Spying Minority in Biological Phenomena"
  • Providing state-of-the-art optical microscope facililities of bionanophotonics to academic and non-academic researchers
  • Hosting training courses and seminars on "Spying Minotiry in Biological Phenomena"
  • Facility of workshops and demonstration for collaborating companies

BNPC welcomes researchers like:
  • those who are interested in "Spying Minority in Biological Phenomena", but wish to know what approaches they can take,
  • those who wish to do cell imaging experiments but do not have appripriate facilities
  • those who wants to simply test some microscope optical filters and other optical components for bioimaging
  • those who have microscope instruments for bioimaging but seek to know state-of-the-art usage of them
  • those who wish to have a look at BNCP facilities
Anyone being interested are encouraged to contact us. Please click here.

Collaborating companies of BNPC

アンドール・テクノロジーPLC 株式会社オプトライン オリンパス株式会社
株式会社システムブレイン スペクトラ・フィジックス株式会社 ソーラボジャパン株式会社
中央精機株式会社 株式会社東海ヒット 株式会社ニコンインステック
日本ナショナルインスツルメンツ株式会社 株式会社日本ローパー 浜松ホトニクス株式会社