Important Notification:
The utilization program of the microscopy facility at BNPC has ended as of April 1st 2016, beause of the end of the Scientific Research on Innovative Area "Spying Minority in Biology". We are pleased to express our sincere gratitude to the users as well as all of the collaborating companies.


Primary executive
Prof. Nagai Prof. Takeharu Nagai ISIR, Osaka University
Administrative staff
 Dr. Wazawa Dr. Tetsuichi Wazawa ISIR, Osaka University   
Advisory board Speciality
Dr. Fujita Dr. Katsumasa Fujita Grad School of Engin., Osaka University Non-lienar optics
Dr. Okada Dr. Yasushi Okada QBiC, Riken Bioimaging
Dr. Watanabe Dr. Tomonobu Watanabe QBiC, Riken Super-resolution microscopy
Dr. Dertinger Dr. Thomas Destinger SOFast GmbH, Germany Super-resolution image analysis
Dr. Takahashi Dr. Koichi Takahashi QBiC, Riken Microscope simulator
Dr. Taniguchi Dr. Yuichi Taniguchi QBiC, Riken Single-molecule analysis
Dr. Arai Dr. Yoshiyuki Arai ISIR, Osaka University Image analysis
Dr. Matsuda Dr. Tomoki Matsuda ISIR, Osaka University Analysis of protein dynamics