Out Partners


Imec is in a short name for Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre. It is a research center for micro- and nanoelectronics studies at Leuven, Belgium. As appeared in “i”, imec is a huge consortium body transversing quite many institutes/universities in EU, varying the consortium structure depending on the fields of interest. For more information, please watch YouTube movies. Dr. Luc Van den hove, President and CEO, imec talks about imec organization, its strategic approaches, its goals and other topics.

Where to go?

This project, S-BC, plans to send our our young researchers to imec and have them experience imec’s “device integration and demonstration platform”. At imec,  our young talents will work together with the European partners of ours who already are comprised in the research collaborations with imec in the field of advanced electronic devices as shown in the above illustration.

SANKEN and imec work together

Dr. Luc Van den hove

President and CEO