Brain Circulation between SANKEN and imec


The SANKEN Brain Circulation (S-BC) project, funded by JSPS, is an internship program whereby young researchers are exchanged between SANKEN and imec.

These two large institutions share the same basic ideas and values in that whatever they make and do, the outputs must be usable in our society. SANKEN emphasizes elements of basic science, generating "seeds", while imec focuses on the delivery of industry-relevant technological solutions. By communicating with each other, the two institutions will become complementary to each other; SANKEN sowing the seeds of basic scientific research, and imec processing these into real-life applications. Collaboration also affords imec the opportunity to integrate into the Japanese research network.

Please click here to find out more about SANKEN, and click here to find out more about imec.


Welcome to the “SANKEN Brain Circulation” Project

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Credits: Satoshi OGIHARA, Professor Emeritus Osaka University

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