International Networking for Sensing Device Development for Healthier, Safer and Securer Society


The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) started a new Core-to-Core Program in 2012. This program is designed to create a world-class, cutting-edge research network with overseas institutions and universities, whereby a Japanese core, and the overseas core, work as hubs to facilitate interactions and collaborations with satellites groups around the world. Through this network, the Core-to-Core program will foster the next generation of young researchers.

The new Core-to-Core program has a matching fund policy, hence the overseas core should secure budgets to jointly support the program along with JSPS.

Welcome to SANKEN “CORE-to-CORE” Project Site

Click the logo above to visit the NEW website of the JSPS Core-toCore Program. A detailed description of the program on the original Core-to-Core is also still online - click here.

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