ISIR Mission Statement

Missions: We proudly chose the following categories as our future targets and make our best efforts to address problems closely related to;

  1. -Environment

  2. -Energy

  3. -Medicine and Health

  4. -Security and Safety

ISIR, the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research at Osaka University, aims to develop innovative research programs with clearly stated missions.

Research Fields

Strategy: To fulfill our missions, we will combine, shuffle, mix, fuse and merge the basic research elements and their seeds in the following fields in our departments across SANKEN.

  1. -Materials Science

  2. -Information Science

  3. -Medical Sciences

  4. -Nanotechnology

Globally Open Access Platform: To be more strategic, we intend being “open” to be the world by scientifically communicating with the Japanese and the oversea partners. The key concept if that will lead us to higher achievements is that we our partners have to complementary, that is, to help each other in the open platform. Two JSPS-funded international projects are now running under this vision. 

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Credits: Satoshi OGIHARA, Professor Emeritus Osaka University

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