Abstract submission

Abstract Submission Guidelines

* Supported file type: Word Document (*.doc, *docx)

Abstracts must be submitted in English language.

The abstracts should be prepared in a MS Word format using the template.

1) TITLE (CAPS, bold, Times New Roman font, size 14)

  • ◎Authors and Affiliations: include the names of all authors, then institutional affiliations.
  • ◎The name of the author presenting the paper should be underlined.
  • ◎Author and co-authors' details Full first and family name(s). Authors' names must be in upper and lower case.
  • ◎Affiliation details should include: department, institution / hospital, address, and country.

2) Name(s) (lower case, bold, Times New Roman font size 12)

Affiliation details (lower case, italics, Times New Roman font, size 12)

3) Body of Abstract

  • ◎The abstracts should be single A4 page documents and the body text should be written in 12pt Times New Roman font.
  • ◎One Table, Figure and photograph may be included.
  • ◎References should be cited as [1], [2], etc.

Abstract Submission Period

February 20, 2020- April 20, 2020