Ie Group
The institute of Scientific and
Industrial Research, Osaka University

Department of Soft Nanomaterials Nanoscience and
Nanotechnology Center Osaka University


The main subject in this department is development of novel molecular materials with electronic and photoelectronic functions based on the molecular-level elucidation and control of their functions. We have focused our research on the molecular design, synthesis, properties, and application of novel extended conjugation systems for organic electronics and optoelectronics materials as well as molecularscale electronics materials

Current Research Programs
  1. 1, Synthesis, properties, and functions of novel nano-scale molecules with extended conjugation.
  2. 2, Development of high carrier-mobility systems based of supramolecular interactions.
  3. 3, Development of n-type organic semiconductors.
  4. 4, Synthesis and properties of photoelectronic functional molecules for energy-conversion devices.
  5. 5, Synthesis and properties of functional molecules towards single-molecular electronics.
Current Research Programs説明図