About This Program

“Global Networking on Molecular Technology Research”

Project Director:Professor Seiji TAKEDA

By the support from JSPS, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, we have carried out the project to grow a global network on molecular technology research. This international networking program provides opportunities for SANKEN young researchers to study abroad by staying at world top-rank institutions for about one year, and also provides research collaborations by inviting researchers from those institutions to SANKEN. The project aims at also accelerating the circulation of talented researchers overseas between ISIR, The Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (SANKEN) and distinguished institutes or universities. We appreciate the cooperation and understanding of the researchers and the administrative officers of the institutes and universities for the project in Denmark, Belgium, France, German, The Netherland, UK and US.

As scientists and engineers, we try to materialize ideas and confirm hypotheses. We frequently have difficulty in applying science to technology and industry. Molecular technology has emerged from molecular science rather recently. It is now really a pressing issue to establish the routes to utilize the molecular technology for our daily life. Global networking by enthusiastic experts in the research fields of molecular chemistry, characterization, device fabrication, information theory, materials informatics and nanotechnology would be a strategic solution for the issue as well as the circulation of talented researchers in the network. ISIR proposed and started the project, since ISIR already includes the active departments for all the research fields. Toward the implementation of molecular technology in our daily life in near future, we sincerely hope that the project would be useful.