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The seminar of Prof. Stephens (Imperial College London) was held.


Mr. Romain Tort, a PhD student at Imperial College London, worked with us in SANKEN on the collaborative research project about nitrogen reduction reactions for two weeks.


Mr.Hiraoka(B4) and Mr.Yoshimura(B4) students graduated from Osaka University.


Ms. Nakajima(M1) and Mr. Nishimura won the Award at the 91st ECSJ Annual Meeting.


A graduation party for research fellows was held.


Mr. Florian Winkler, a Master student at Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet Erlangen-Nuernberg, worked with us in SANKEN on the collaborative research project about a new catalyst for seawater electrolysis for five months.


Ms. Anusha Pradhan(Ph.D) and Mr. Ando(M2) and Mr. Itoine(M2) attended the SANKEN International Symposium.


6 students attended 3rd Kansai Electrochemistry Workshop. Mr. Itoine(M2) and Mr. Ustunomiya(M1) won the Award at the 3rd Workshop.

About us

Our research programs are centered on designing novel materials for various electrochemical reactions in energy storage, energy conversion, and electrosynthesis devices.

(1) We are developing high-energy-density and safe rechargeable batteries focusing on an electrode, electrolyte, and its interface. Through our unique strategy of controlling the coordination states of ions and solvent molecules in electrolyte materials, we are developing new functions and properties that are not found in conventional electrolytes. We are also pursuing the possibility of new rechargeable batteries by utilizing the developed electrolyte materials.
(2) With the energy crisis and global warming fast dawning upon us, there is a need for clean, renewable energy sources. Our research interest lies in developing the “Single Atom Catalysts (SACs)”-installed fuel cells with unprecedented atomic efficiency. Both experimental and computational tools are utilized to explore how SACs alter the reaction pathways and their reactivity.
(3) We are developing electrocatalytic technology to synthesize chemical fuels and feedstocks using discharged CO2, renewable electricity, and water. We perform fundamental studies of catalyst materials and integrate them into complete electrolyzer systems, including the engineering of catalysts, gas diffusion layers, and membrane electrode assemblies. 

We will continue to explore unknown functions and properties of electrode and electrolyte materials and develop new technologies that solve energy and environmental issues.


Next-Generation Rechargeable Battery Technology (Energy Storage)
Breakthrough Fuel Cell Technology (Energy Conversion)
Innovative Power-to-X Technology (Electrosynthesis)
Pioneering “Advanced” Electrochemistry

SANKEN, Osaka University
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