Research field

We perform the front-line material research by using the cutting-edge electron microscopy techniques. We develop low-voltage TEM/STEM which enables the single molecular imaging and single atom spectroscopy, and high-resolution environmental TEM for the in situ observations of interaction of solid surface with gas atmosphere to realize novel nanostructures and unforeseen properties.

Current researches

  • Studies of atoms/molecules confined in nano-space (JST-CREST)
  • Atomic-level analysis of various low-dimensional materials (JST-CREST)
  • High resolution EELS for infra-red spectroscopy at a nanometer-scale (JST-CREST)
  • Momentum-resolved EELS in TEM (ERC Synergy project)
  • Synthesis of novel materials in an electronically stimulated nanogap (JSPS KAKENHI)
  • Atomic-scale structural analysis of nanodevices under working environment (JSPS KAKENHI)
  • ETEM study of high-entropy alloy nanoparticles (JSPS KAKENHI)